Upper Toronto

now has it's own site: uppertoronto.ca  and mailing list

Upper Toronto is a science fiction design proposal to build a new city in the sky above Toronto. 

Imagine a city resting on the Bay Street towers – or the CN Tower as a walk up restaurant .

Once Upper Toronto is finished, Lower Toronto will be abandoned and turned into a combination of national park, farmland and intentional ruin.

This is, of course, a terrible idea.

But it’s a terrible idea that allows us to imagine a new city. To ask what would happen if, knowing what we now know, we could start fresh.

While clearly infeasible, it is important that all the proposals that make up Upper Toronto are good ones, even if forced relocation to the sky is not.

This has to be a city that we – the people planning it – want to live in.

To find out more check out uppertoronto.ca

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Upper Toronto acknowledges the support of the Ontario Art Council through the Integrated Arts Section and Theatre Creators Reserve.